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I’ve helped out a neighbor who has a LG stove.  The oven knobs are notorious for wearing out and breaking the poorly engineered plastic that surrounds a D post. Unfortunately LG and others want to charge anywhere from $35 to $40 per knob to replace the defective knob with another that will fail in a similar fashion.

There is a gentleman on the internet ( who has manufactured a very fine metal replacement but it also expensive.

Below are a series of photos demonstrating how to resolve the problem with a $6.50 oven knob kit.


From Home Depot purchase a $6.50 knob replacement kit. It includes a number of various sized D post inserts. Select the size that will fit your LG oven knob D post


Close up of the LG knob and its broken post


LG knob with top and metal insert removed


The work to be done is to trim the hard plastic D insert to fit into the LG knob plastic and metal pieces


Using a utility knife, carefully trim one end to fit the LG pieces. Trim it so it is angled so that the leading edge will fit thru the holes and remain snug after fitting


Test fit a number of times until the insert is thru the hole and remains snug


Now that the D insert is fitted, we need to trim down the old plastic post that failed


Here you can see how the new D post sits and how much we need to trim the old post so the metal insert meets the top of the knob


I’m using a oscillating tool to cut thru the plastic post


Progress on timing the post


Checking the fit. Trim many times and keep checking fit


Having trimmed down the post the metal insert now meets the top of the know and can be screwed back together


Bottom of the knob with the screws back in place and the new harder plastic insert ready to be installed onto the stove.

LG Oven Knob Repair


beer wars

If you watched the Super Bowl this weekend you might have see a new Budweiser commercial in the third quarter. This blog entry: does a terrific job of breaking down the ad and offering an opinion on it’s content. For an opinion from a former Coors ad-exec who unabashedly enjoys craft beer and thinks big beer shouldn’t die, check out:

My take? I’ve been interested in craft beer for about 5 years now. I love the differing taste of the variety of craft beer. I’ll never be mistaken for a ‘hipster’. I found the commercial disturbing on a number of levels. The ad tried to set up an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ via both drinkers versus sippers and product taste. I’m not sure if anyone will be swayed by that commercial. I know I won’t be changing my selections.

follow-up to june jury duty – five year sentence

On July 3rd, according to the online NJ courts public access the judge passed sentence on the defendant.  The jury that I was on,  out of the 8 counts, convicted the defendant of 2 counts.  One count of 2nd degree aggravated assault and one count of 2nd degree eluding.   Very difficult to read the online system but it looks like the defendant had 216 jail days as a result of not making bail and was sentenced to 5 years by the judge.  Don’t see anything about the jail time going towards time served or parole or probation…

I believe for what we learned that the defendant appeared to have done, I’m satisfied that justice was served.  I feel bad for the two women that didn’t want to convict the defendant of anything as I’m sure if they learn of the sentence they are going to be devastated.

I’ll probably check the records in another month to see if there are any updates.