To the members of the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District Board of Education:

Anthony Fleres (
Rachelle Feldman Hurwitz (
Louisa Ho (
Rachel Juliana (
Michele Kaish (
Richard Kaye (
Dana Krug (
Scott Powell (
Yu “Taylor” Zhong (

Thank you for voting 6 to 3 in favor of naming the North Varsity baseball diamond the David J. Bachner Field.  Your attention to the process was commendable.  I appreciate how you enabled the community to communicate their thoughts on this matter.

If I could offer one suggestion to your process I would ask that you should publish the number of e-mails that you received to both the forum e-mail address and to the school board address.  I believe there was a significant number of e-mails sent.  You provided the public with the numbers of people that attended the forum and which were in favor and which were not.  I believe that for full equal public disclosure the number of e-mails sent and their disposition towards the naming request should also have been provided to the public.  Not providing that information doesn’t fully describe the number of people that were invested in this naming proposal.

To those of the board that spoke before the vote.  I appreciate you comments and your candor.  Hearing your thoughts on this matter provides valuable information to the public on who you are and how you may consider other matters before the board in the future.

Thank you,

Tim Hitchings

Burr Court, Plainsboro

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