To the members of the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District Board of Education:

Anthony Fleres (
Rachelle Feldman Hurwitz (
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I note that according to the recent WWP-News article: that the ad-hoc naming committee will be making a presentation at the 8/26 School Board meeting. The article details that Administration and Facilities Committee has announced that the question whether to name the High School North baseball field after David Bachner will move forward to the full board for review and be voted on at the 9/23 School Board meeting. I’m happy to hear that the e-mails and information presented to the ad-hoc committee has concluded with this result.

I would like to point out possible mis-quotes in the WWP-News article.
1, The article stated that many attended both meetings.
Please note that my wife Maureen and I were the ONLY two people who attended both meetings.
2. The article states several people spoke.
In fact almost all in attendance spoke in favor of David.
3. Input was similar to statements already presented to the Board.
While it’s true that what was presented may be similar, I’d suggest hearing from so many different people first hand with their personal recollections provided further proof of the passion for naming the field after David.

Please thank the members of the ad-hoc naming committee for their time and attention. The two days of forum meetings that were conducted were very helpful. The committee’s attention to the people and the process was commendable. The committee took notes as people talked and not once did they remind anyone of the stated 3 minute time limit. Many at the forum were allowed to speak more than once. On those days I learned more about David Bachner and why he was a model representative of North traditions and North Baseball.

I wish all of you on the school board could have been present to listen to people talking about David Bachner and why the field should be named. Hearing directly the passion and the emotion from those who spoke like Bob Boyce, David’s varsity baseball coach and Kevin Maloney local sportswriter has so much more impact then dry e-mails such as this one.

As Rhonda Bachner is so found of saying “we are in the 9th Inning … 2 outs … 3 balls, 2 strikes and I believe we could be the winning team”

I look forward to your voting YES on the 23rd.


Tim Hitchings
8 Burr Court

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